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Summer Care for Your Cat

Since summer is well underway, it is a great time to revisit some tips to help make life more comfortable and safe for your cat. Always ask your veterinarian if you have any special questions or care concerns that cannot be addressed without a doctor's opinion.

-Do not leave your cat in the car at any time, especially in the summer. Cats can overheat quickly and may develop heat stroke, which can be life threatening.

-If you live in a high rise apartment, make sure that you have appropriate screens on your windows to allow fresh air to go through your place.

-Do not leave your cat in a hot room. Give him or her access to cooler rooms. Areas that have tiled flooring are usually the best rooms for your cat to stay cool in your home.

-To keep your cat cool when you are away, put ice cubes in the water bowl and use ceiling fans or air conditioning to circulate colder air throughout your home.

-Fleas and ticks are always more prevalent in the summer months. Ensure that you are using quality flea and tick protection products on your cat.

-Senior and elderly cats are less tolerant of the heat. It is especially important to make sure that they are always kept cool during the warmer months.

If you love to support local organizations, Tree House Humane Society could use your help this weekend, July 17-19. This organization is excited to announce that they have been offered one of the non-profit spaces at Pitchfork Music Festival. The opportunity is open to a very limited number of organizations. Click here for more information on how you can volunteer!

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