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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Cat

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Have a Purrfect Valentine's Day

Cats might be known to be a bit finicky, but some may be easier than a partner to please this Valentine’s Day! We came up with 5 different ways to celebrate the holiday of love with your nearest and dearest felines. Whether it’s showing them love by giving them extra attention or a special treat we’re sure you can find something here that will make your cat say

“I love mew!”

Put on a TV Show for your Cat

Nature documentaries and similar types of shows are a great time to learn something about your cat’s distant feline relatives or watch them intently focused on another animal tracking down its’ prey. Shows that document the ocean are great for kitties as well. They even have some shows specifically for cats! Even if none of these appeal to your cat let them curl up next to you on the couch while you catch up on your favorite shows.

Dress Kitty Up

Ok, so this one might be a little bit more for our entertainment than our cats’, but who doesn’t love a sweet valentine’s themed outfit or a chance to break out the adorable costume that stays in the closet until Halloween every year? You can snap a pic and send it to your long-distance valentine or post it on Instagram. Please tag us @ChicagolandCatSitters if you do so we can share the love!

Cat Wine

We must emphasize here that under absolutely no circumstances should you ever give alcohol to your kitty. However, a few brands of catnip and/or valerian infused beverages on the market under the name cat wine make it adorable to share a special drink with your cat on Valentine’s Day. You’re not drinking alone if you drink with your cat, right?

Play Some Games

From feathers to laser pointers and beyond, there are plenty of fun games to play with your cat. You can buy a new toy just for Valentine’s Day or use something you already have lying around the house. Check out our article on Indoor Games for your Cat for some more ideas!

Make a Meal for Your Furry Friend

Everyone loves a home cooked dinner and your cat is no exception! Spice up their dinner routine this year by making them a home cooked meal for cats with their favorite ingredient. Your cat may love it so much that you decide to make it a regular thing.

No matter how you decide to celebrate make sure it is a safe, happy day for you and your beloved. Give your cat some extra pets from us, and please do tag us in those holiday pictures! @CHICAGOLANDCATSITTERS


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