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Why a Pet Sitter is Best for Cat Care

“Oh no, did I forget to adjust the thermostat?” or “I wonder if Whiskers is taking her medicine when she eats,” are questions that can’t be answered easily if you don’t hire a pet sitter when you’re away. Just because we’re in the business does not mean that we’re that biased… It really is better for so many reasons to hire a pet sitter to take care of your cat. This is by no means a definitive list, but we’ve got a few reasons to back up that claim.

Your house gets lonely too:

Not only does a pet sitter keep an eye on your cat but they keep an eye on your house. By having someone come to the house every day, often multiple times a day, you have someone there to let you know if the furnace goes out in the middle of winter, to turn the lights on and off and to bring in your mail.

It’s simply better for your cat:

Cats are magnificent and wonderfully unique pets. This means that they come with very specific needs. While dogs may find boarding to be a fun adventure it surely makes your kitty cry on the inside, and probably literally. You being gone is stressful enough on its own. Throw in a whole new living environment and your cat may fear that you’ll never come back. Maybe they know better, maybe they don’t. But it’s no secret kitties are finicky and miss their people.

Kitties get more rewarding care:

When a pet sitter comes in to your home rather than a new environment they are likely to find a cat that is much more at ease with the situation. Sure, they definitely may miss you, but they are more likely to be relaxed and this makes it easier for your sitter to engage the cat and provide them with mental stimulation and physical activity, further enforcing your cat’s peace of mind (and yours when you get home).

Your cat’s individual needs are more likely to be met:

If you board your cat somewhere you can leave all the instructions in the world about how to properly care for your precious furry friend, but that doesn’t mean that every person (or any of them, really) will take the time to read it and get to know your cat properly. With a sitter like ours here at Chicagoland Cat Sitters you can rest assured that they have been introduced to your cat and know his or her specific needs.

Your cat can make a new friend:

When you hire us here at Chicagoland Cat Sitters we try to match cats with sitters that they have had before. This means your cat can make a new friend not only for one visit, but for the next time you go away, and the next, and the next…

Go to to book services today! One of our crazy cat people will be honored you picked them to befriend and care for your best friend.


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