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Top Toys for Cats

Cats need to play no matter how young or old. Most cats love all different kinds of toys and each cat typically has it's own special preference on which toy is their favorite.

The key is to provide your cat toys that offer a variety of uses. Having toys that your cat can carry, wrestle, roll with and one to "baby" are important in keeping your cat active and entertained.

Try to rotate you cat's toys weekly to keep a fresh playtime. This will provide your cat with a stimulating environment for a happy, healthy cat.

Most often their favorite toy a cat can play with is a ball. Ones that a cat can pick up an carry are the balls that cats enjoy the best.

Most toys for your cat you already own in your home. Things like cork, ping pong balls, empty paper bags and cardboard boxes are all items that a cat will love to play with. Remember to make sure that all toys given to your cat are safe and free from putting your cat into danger. Items like ribbon, paper clips, rubber bands, plastic bags, or anything your cat can chew and swallow are all unsafe toys for your cat. Think of your cat as a young child or toddler in this case.

What is most important is that you are proving toys to your cat to enable an outlet for mental and physical stimulation. Playing with your cat is equally important, as all cats need time with their owners to strengthen the bond.

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