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Another Reason Why Cats Beat Out The Competition!

Here's a list of fun facts about cats that makes them stand apart from the rest of the animal kingdom!

-Stubbs is a cat who has been major of Takeetna, Alaska for 15 years. @mayorstubbs -Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping! -Cats do not have sweat glands. They sweat through their paws. The sweat glands on their paws are used so the cat can mark its territory. -Free ranging and domesticated cats who spend the majority of their time outside have contributed to the extiniction of 33 different spieces of birds, mammals, and reptiles. -Cats can drink salt water to survive, unlike humans. Their kidneys can filer out the salt so they are able to hyrdate. -When a family cat passed away in ancient Egypt, the family would shave off their eyebrows as part of their mourning. -If you stop over to our Lincoln Park Zoo, one of the newest arrivals, the snow leopard is now a resident in Chicago! Snow leopards have been classified as endangered mostly due to the poaching of their fur.

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