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Cats Improve Your Health

Cats make wonderful companion pets. Here is a list of ways that having a cat can make you happy and healthy!

1. Lower Stress. Petting a purring cat helps calm nerves.

2. Decreased dyspnea. A cat's purr can decrease symptoms of dyspnea (labored breathing, shortness of breath) in both cats and humans.

3. Lower blood pressure. Having interactions with a cat and hearing the purring sound a cat makes has statistically shown to lower blood pressure.

4. Heart benefits. Studies have shown that cat owners are at a 40% less risk of having a heart attack as compared to those who do not own a cat. Male pet owners have less signs of heart disease, lower triglycerides, and cholesterol level than non-owners.

5. Infections. Purr vibrations help by healing infections and swelling.

6. Heals muscle injuries. Speedy healing of muscles, tendons, and ligament injuries are common for those who own cats. The vibrations of a cat's purr are also helpful for healing soft tissue.

7. Elderly care. Taking care of a pet provides elderly people with exercise and companionship. Owning a cat can also help elderly people overcome depression and loneliness.

The Tree House Humane Society has over 100 cats ready for adoption. Their next event will be on April 11, from 11-3pm at Petco (3118 N. Ashland).

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