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Preventing Cancer for Your Cat


There are a few steps that you as a cat owner can do to help prevent your cat from developing cancer. Cats do not necessarily get cancer more often than other animals, but it does appear that cancer is more aggressive when a cat is diagnosed. If you take preventative measures, it will help decrease the chances of your cat becoming sick.

1. If you have a female cat, get her spayed. Being spayed at a young age will significantly decrease your cat's chances of developing mammary cancer or breast tumors. Ideally, female cats should be spayed prior to the first heat cycle.

2. Feed your cat properly. There is evidence that fatty acids may be helpful in preventing cancer, and fatty acids can help cats who already have cancer. If your cat is overweight, he or she is likely to be more prone to cancer.

3. Don't smoke around your cat. Secondhand smoke can affect your cat's lungs. It is just as dangerous for animals and it is for humans.

4. Control your cat's exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Areas on a cat's body that have little or no hair are most likely to develop cancer.

5. If you have an outdoor cat, be careful of the chemicals on your lawn. Avoid using pesticides and other known cancer causing agents both on your lawn and in your home.

6. Schedule regular check ups. Visits to your cat's veterinarian can catch early signs of cancer. There is a vaccine for feline lukemia, but the vaccine does not guarantee complete protection.

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