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New Years Resolutions For Cats

The new year is upon us and you probably have a new year's resolutions written down somewhere; determined to stick to them this time. After all, it's the start of a new decade and a new you, but you shouldn't just focus on yourself. There's an important member of your family who also deserves a new start this decade. Yes, your amazingly awesome and beautiful cat. Just like us they need exercise, healthy diets, and some adventure. So, here is a list of New Year's resolutions for your cat. And don't worry if you fall off the wagon. As long as you get back on again.

1. Regular Vet Visits:

This should be the first thing on the list. Your cat may look healthy; running around and playing like the energetic furball they are. However, they may have hidden health issues only a vet can pick up on. It is essential to take them to the vet at least once a year to make sure that they're healthy and to catch any underlying issues. Making sure they're up to date on their vaccines is important as well. Older cats may need to go more than once a year since they're more at risk of diseases and problems that come with old age. Start the year with an arts and crafts project and make a Vet book in which you can record their visits and keep track of their shots.

2. Regular Exercise:

This isn't just a resolution for you. It's important that your cat gets enough exercise; especially if they're a house cat who rarely gets to run around outside. Take them along on your daily walks; get them an exercise wheel or simply just let them chase toys through the hallways. This will have the added benefit of getting rid of boredom.

3. Teach Them a New Trick:

It's not just old dogs who can learn new tricks. Cats are clever creatures and with a little motivation they can learn simple tricks like fetch, high five, giving kisses and even playing piano. This can be a perfect opportunity to bond with your feline friend and you may be taught a thing or two about patience.

Healthy Eating:

I get it, it's hard to say no to our babies. When they walk up to you, meowing like a hungry little kitten, you can't help but sharing a tidbit. A treat every now and then is fine but this year, try to make a point to feed your cat healthy food. Human food isn't always good for them and cause trouble in the long run. Aim rather to keep them on a vet approved diet and only give out treats that are specifically made for cat. Yes, I know those begging eyes are cute but wouldn't you rather have a healthy live out long happy years?

Make New Friends:

This one's for both of you. It's easy to hide from the chaotic world out there but sometimes we have to go out and face it. And it's so much easier with a friend or two by your side. Take your cat to visit a family member or friend, visit a cat cafe or even arrange a play date with a another human and their cat. Yes, cat's aren't pack animals but that doesn't mean they don't get lonely. A friend or two will always be appreciated.

Make a Difference:

Donate to a local animal rescue, help with a fundraiser, spread awareness or even adopt. There are plenty of cats out there who need homes, food, and love. You and Felix can help out using your talents and time to make a difference. You'll feel good knowing that you did good.

Entering a new decade may seem like a daunting prospect but with a furry friend by your side, things may seem a little less scary. But just like us, cats need love and care. And since they're willing to spend all their years to make us happy, don't they our time too? Happy New Years to you and your cat friends. And may you celebrate many more together.


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