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Is Your Cat Shy?

Companion felines have unique personalities, and some are more outgoing than others. If a cat is calm and friendly with his/her family, but not with others, it is because he/she didn't have enough experience meeting new people as a kitten. A cat must have frequent opportunities to meet new people, especially between the ages of 2-7 weeks. The best way to make sure your kitten is social is to give him or her lots of chances to meet new people of different ages, sizes, and genders. Whenever your kitten approaches a new person, reward with praise, attention, play sessions or treats.

If you have an adult cat who is afraid of people, the main way to help him or her relax is to encourage your cat to approach them very gradually and give him rewards along the way. When visitors arrive, try these few tips:

1. Let your cat approach guests instead of the guests approaching the cat.

2. Ask your guests to squat or shit so they seem smaller and less intimidating.

3. If your cat doesn't want to come out of hiding, try rattling a food bag or opening a can of food.

4. If your cat will come within several feet of the visitors, ask your guests to gently toss treats or toys to your cat.

It is important that you do not force your cat to get close to someone he or she is afraid of. This will only increase fear and you or your guests could potentially get scratched or bitten.

This Monday, May 4, Harmony House for Cats will be hosting their Bingo night at Hamburger Mary's from 8-10pm. $15 donation pays for one set of bingo cards which are good for all ten games. Drinks and incredible food are available for purchase. Get there early before the tables fill up!

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