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Keeping Your Cat Active

When you are away from home and your cat is alone, it is common that your cat will become bored and lonely. Although you may feel your cat sleeps more than anything else, your cat still has energy and wants activity. You can plan to make a difference in your cat's mood and physical/mental activity by taking a few steps to keep him or her active when you are not home.

Inside of your home you can add these few things to keep your cat active:

1. Add various scratching posts and perches for viewing, napping, and hiding. Every so often, switch the location to keep your cat amused.

2. Keep your cardboard boxes. Put the boxes in various places, change the locations, or even cut a door flap. Your cat will love the boxes and keep entertained while you are away.

3. Leave a few treats in hidden places around your home. Try to put the treats in places where your cat may not be able to find them easily!

4. Places a few of your cat's favorite toys in distinct hiding places. Items like a catnip mouse or ball will be a fun find for your cat. Make sure it is not a toy with strings as those are toys that are best played with under your supervision.

5. Play classical music for your cat while you are away. It is said to be very calming for your cat. You can make a CD or leave on a classical radio station when you are not home.

Always remember before you leave to have a play session with your cat. The activity will leave your cat in a good mood and allow your cat to have a restful nap. When you come back home, meet your cat with an excited greeting. Play a quick game and reward him or her with a treat. Your homecoming is anticipated by your cat and will help the hours alone be more productive and free of bad behavior.

If you are looking to help shelter cats in Chicago, participate in the Stray Cat Strut on August 1, a fundraiser for Tree House Humane Society. All fitness levels are welcome! Participants get a T-shirt, hand-made cat ears, swag bag and more. Check-in 9:30 a.m., walk starts at 10:30 a.m. from Tree House's headquarters!

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