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Catnip! Is it Safe for Your Cat?

Originally from Europe and Asia, minty, lemony catnip has long been associated with cats. Research shows that cats big and small adore this member of the mint family. Catnip's allure is in it's oil, nepetalactone, which is found in catnip's leaves, stems, and seeds. Whether your kitty's response is aggressive playfulness or mellow and calm relaxation, once the pleasure passes it will be about two hours before a cat can respond again to catnip.

Because cats respond to catnip, using catnip is a great tool to use for toys and training. If you are trying to train you cat, rewarding with catnip will help this process become successful. The intensity of a cat's response is affected by the kind of catnip you use. Catnip is 100% non-addictive and safe to eat for cats. It's potency doesn't last forever, though. If you buy dried catnip, store what isn't used in the freezer to keep it fresh.

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