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Keeping Your Cat Comforted During Fireworks

As July 4th approaches, fireworks and festivities can create quite a disturbance for your kitty. In order to make sure your cat will remain calm and anxiety-free. Here are a few tips you can follow during this holiday weekend:

1. Close all doors and windows. This will help alleviate some of the noise entering your home. Any way that you can make the volume of the fireworks lower will help you cat feel more at ease.

2. Place your cat in a room in your home far away from the fireworks. Be careful when picking up your cat as he or she could possibly be skittish and jumpy. On the other hand, your cat could also be comforted knowing that you are there to love him or her. Depending on what type of personality your cat has, always proceed with caution in the event the fireworks have all ready started.

3. Try to play to calming music. Do not play it loud enough so that it drowns the sound of the fireworks. Play the music at a normal volume level. Piano music is usually suggested as a style of music that cats are very receptive to in times of stress.

4. Use a calm voice when speaking to your cat. A nice, loving voice while stroking your cat will ease his or her stress and anxiety.

5. Treat your cat like a queen or king (as if you don't already). Bring food, water, and treats with plenty of blankets and/or chairs to make a safe "tent".

Following these few steps will make your holiday much for enjoyable for you and your cat. In taking these precautions, you cat will thank you for providing them with a calm, nurturing environment.

Come join The Tree House Humane Society on Saturday, July 11 from 6-8:30 pm for a cool summer evening of vegan-friendly food, drinks, raffles, games, and the very purring kitties themselves who heal! The Kitty Pawty will honor animal assisted therapy with Tree House and local non-profit 1FUR1 Foundation. For more information on 1FUR1 Foundation, please visit their website.

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