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Grumpy Cat: In Memoriam

This past year we all lost a kitty dear to our hearts. She was one of the greatest animal celebrities of our time. Her likeness was known to millions of people across the internet. She inspired many with her relatable sayings and although the world could not always agree on everything, they could agree that she was a charmer. Tardar Sauce has brought joy not only to her family but to many users on the internet as the adorable Grumpy Cat.

If cats are the gods of the internet, grumpy cat would have been the head of the Pantheon. She gained her fame when he owner posted a photo of her on Reddit with the caption of “Meet Grumpy Cat.” Of course anyone who saw that grumpy face immediately fell in love and she became a meme shared across the world. She became a favorite among students who shared her grumpiness when it came to tests and studies. Her sarcasm lightened the load at work and she put a smile on your face when times were a little rough. It is therefore no surprise that the world mourned her when she passed away in May.

But who was grumpy cat? And why was her face so iconic? Tardar Sauce belonged to Tabatha Bundesen of Arizona. She suffered from cat dwarfism and that's what gave her that iconic face. Why would we celebrate a meme so devoid of joy? Well, I cannot speak for others but I can tell you why my friends and I adore this unfriendly feline.

We first discovered Grumpy Cat in college when we were overwhelmed with studies. My friend had her poster up on her door and it brought a smile to our faces every time we saw it. She was an embodiment of our feelings during those troubling times. Life sucked and this wise feline knew it, but we could not help but smile at the irony of it all because we knew that deep down Grumpy Cat was just a cuddly kitty. And if you can get through to the grumpy kitty just so can you get through life and enjoy its better moments.

Thank you, Grumpy Cat, for all the inspiration and good laughs. I hope the land beyond the rainbow bridge finally makes you smile.

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