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How Cats Show Love

Although cats are known for their indifference and independence, your cat does have a way of showing affection to you. These are some signs that your cat really does love and appreciate you.

1. Forehead touch. Even if only for a split second, head bunting or a slight forehead to chin nuzzle from your kitty means your cat trusts you and enjoys your company.

2. The kneader. Kneading happens when your cat flexes then relaxes his or her front paws against a soft object. Your cat developed this as kitten when feeding with his or her mother. It shows that your cat feels safe and comfortable around your company.

3. Tail twitch. If your cat comes up to you with her tail hoisted lazily in the air, waving from side to side, your cat is showing you affection.

4. Power of purr. Purring is the ultimate sign of contentment. A purr from your cat means she's more than happy to sit back and be spoiled by you.

5. Attention getter. Whether it's cramming herself into the nook of your arm or taking a stroll over your laptop as you work, interruptions from your cat means she loves you and wants extra attention.

6. Gift giver. It's not exactly great when your cat shows you a present in the from of a dead mouse or bird, but when a cat bring you her prey, it really is a sign of true friendship.

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